Monday, September 5, 2011

Apple Cake Pops

I heard about cake pops but I wasn't really sure how to make them.  When I found this cake pop book, I was amazed to see all the different types of cake pops you could make. I had to bring it home with me.   It didn't take too long for my girls to start arguing over who would look at the book first.  As they were looking through it....I heard, "Look at this mom, look at this one, can we make this one for Halloween, can we make this one for Christmas?"  It didn't end there but you get the idea.  I told them we would start with one of the ones that looked easier. 

Apple cake pops would be perfect for back to school.  

We bought red chocolate melts, cake mix, frosting, green chocolate covered sunflower seeds, lolipop sticks, eyes, and edible food writers.  

Here they are!  
The girls had a a blast making these.
Mia brought this batch to school so she could share them with her class.  
We wanted to draw the eyelashes and mouths on like they showed in the book but our food writers didn't really show up. If anyone has any suggestions about using these or a good brand to try, please let me know. 

It wasn't enough to just make cake pops.  "Mom can you make me an apple dress?"

I made this dress for her.  When I was looking at the fabric and thinking about how it would go together, I pictured something much cuter.  Thank goodness she was happy with it.


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