Sunday, October 30, 2011

Corduroy Pants and Lily Bird Studio Discount Code

This is my first time sewing a Lily Bird Studio pattern.  These are the Ben and Mia pants.  They're great for boys or girls.  She also provides directions for 3 different versions of the pants. 

There are so many things to like about this pattern but my favorite is the piping and the lined pockets. 

Look!  I even have the pockets perfectly aligned with the fabric.  Yay!  
I was so excited about the pants, I didn't pay attention to the wrinkly shirt. 

I love the fit and I just bought some fabric to make more.  My next pair is going to include the tabs on the waist with the button embellishments.  If you're interested in making these cute pants, you can save 20% off by using this code:  LBSBENMIA
Thanks Cecelia for a great pattern and the special discount.

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  1. Love your pants! I got to test these and mine were great, too. It's amazing what some piping and pockets can do for easy-fit pants.